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The different ways we seamlessly connect your business with IT professionals.

ABOUT iHireTech

iHireTech is Backed by 25 years of experience in Desktop Engineering, Networking, Project and Infrastructure Management, Network Marketing, Staff Augmentation and IT Training.
We are an automated platform that bridges the gap between traditional outsourcing, self-service and direct to technician models. iHireTech is the ONLY technology platform in the industry today that provides Managed Delivery and Assisted Insourcing to meet your businesses total field service needs.

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Over 10,000 Techs - On time - Every time

Get Your Work Done. On Demand.

Technologies we work with

Our Industries Expertise


Our teams provide customized solutions for the retail industry to help grow retail businesses.

Hire Your Team Retail

Decades of experience makes us the perfect workforce solution for IT companies.

Hire Your Team IT

On-demand engineers and technicians to optimize your telecommunication projects.

Hire Your Team Telecommunications

Technology Solutions for Integrational IT of Educational Institutions

Hire Your Team Education

Customized teams of engineers and technicians for OEM and VAR enterprises.

Hire Your Team OEM'S / VAR'S

Build a strong digital foundation for your financial business with our dedicated technicians.

Hire Your Team Financial

Technicians and engineers to work on a vast array of solutions for government listed companies.

Hire Your Team Government

Teams with specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry to provide optimized on-site.

Hire Your Team Healthcare

Why Choose iHireTech

Our teams at iHireTech are highly qualified with decades of experience in their fields. Engineers, project managers, and skilled technicians are focused and dedicated to providing clients with enterprise-grade service, value and quality. On-site assistance, setup, delivery, management and maintenance. We cover a full-cycle of services to provide the optimum solution to a wide range of industries.


  • Over 20,000 Technicians
  • Servicing Over 150 US Cities
  • Online Support & Marketplace 24/7/365
  • Hire Custom Service Providers
  • Actionable Analytics & Reports
  • Specialized Co-ordinated Service For Enterprises
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Personal Profile Creation & Management

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